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To further the toy train hobby and to promote fellowship among our members.


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The Fun of Train Collecting

Train collecting and / or operating can be done at many different levels. A collector can try and accumulate every number a manufacturer ever made or maybe something simple like a train catalog you remember from your youth. Some collectors collect trains from a specific time like the late forties for example. Some only like steam engines, or specialize in cabooses. For me there’s fun in both collecting and operating. I appreciate pieces in “mint” condition but I also believe these toys were built to be run and as such they should be. There’s something about seeing a 773 Hudson pulling its string of freight cars past all those wonderful accessories. I love hearing the clatter of the wheels on the track and the smell of ozone and smoke. I like pressing the little red button and watching milk cans being tossed onto the platform, even when I have to tap the top of the car to coax out a reluctant can. I like the new sound systems as they give such an air of realism but I also like the sound of an old air whistle just overcoming the whirr of its motor.

There is great fun in bringing someone into your train room and having them stare in wonder at things they may remember from their youth. I like showing these things to young people who think the only way to have fun is playing a computer game. They can’t believe this stuff even exists. I believe we need to do more of these kinds of things to keep this hobby moving forward.


Bob Burgee
Wolverine Division T.T.O.S.